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Airwave Dominators Blessed by the FCC

 By Dennis Grover, American

 Do you remember when major AM and FM talk radio stations actually discussed pertinent American issues? And do you also remember when kicking the Bush’s meant trying to find birds rather than your Liberties.

 After several weeks of equally intense listening to both "Conservative" talk radio and "Progressive" talk radio I found both groups dancing around major issues confronting this country, and its citizens, in favor of finger pointing, labeling and bashing each other. The days are gone when a ruler was used to "measure up," now it is who has the biggest arsenal of Road Apples* and Meadow Muffins** and who can spread it the farthest.

 Major network talk radio has become squalk radio with the single and planned purpose of dividing the American people.

 Both sides want and promote their parties to control Congress. Newsflash: to believe that Congress controls the federal government is as absurd as believing that the people control Congress. At least in Nevada it is openly legal to do with people what Congress sneaks around doing to people. The differences are, here we call them brothels, participation in getting screwed is voluntary, it only requires mutual consent, the recipient knows what’s coming and gets what he paid for.

 Liberal radio consistently repeats their gripe of Republicans representing big business, providing billions in corporate welfare and government favors claiming their actions are unconstitutional. Conservative radio with the same tedious repetition complains of the Democrats wanting to provide billions in welfare and social programs for the workers, claiming that this activity is unconstitutional. Both sides are right about both sides being wrong.

 Nowhere in the constitution is the word Nanny expressed or implied. It started out slowly with both parties working to rip the loose change from everyone’s pocket and spreading it around to their chosen "friends." It has come to the point now though of only leaving the loose change in everyone’s pockets. One thing they do agree on however is that those of us who propose constitutional restraints that would strangle their respective Nanny’s are bad people. They call us the "radical fringe." I’m not sure what that means but it would be better if we were the real fringes on the flag.

 Both sides regurgitate the notion that us "fringe types" are anti-government… Road Apples*! The reality is that the US government is anti-government, just look at the governments they have destroyed in their wars for peace. I believe it was Stalin who said "to promote communism, call the people what you are."

 I strongly endorse the vertical finger award for the intentionally misleading finger pointers of the airwave dominators. Duck when their meadow muffins** come your way.

 Dennis Grover, American

 *Road Apples – Horse Shit

**Meadow Muffins – Bull Shit

 Copyright in Common Law 2006 AKM

Dennis is the host of "WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL," The Truth on Television" now in its eighth year of production.



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