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Dear Friend of Liberty,

The key to maintaining and defending Liberty and your God-given freedoms is yourself. The person responsible for backing you up is your Sheriff, because you empowered him to do so. The problem is that most Sheriffs today are neither aware nor informed of this fact. If they do not know and understand their powers and duties, they cannot fulfill them.

The American Citizens and Lawmen Association has created a powerful 35-minute video produced specifically to remind and educate your Sheriff and his staff concerning their jurisdiction and rightful powers, where they came from and how they are meant to be exercised.

The Video: THE SHERIFF - The Powers and Responsibilities of Elected Peace Officers

The Goal: To get a copy into the hands of every Sheriff in the American States united and as many other law enforcement personnel and other public officials as possible.

The Challenge is how to do it. The answer is American citizens plus lawmen --- in other words you and we lawmen working together.

We strongly wish to work with you and do solicit a minimum effort on your part. It costs us approximately $20 to produce, package and mail each video. If you and/or your group of associates will send us $20 with the name and address of your local Sheriff we will mail the video directly to him, as from one law officer to another. Included with the video mailing will be a special cover letter, stating that it comes per the request of some of his local constituents. (For an extra $8, you may request that we send a second copy of the video to your own address, for your own best use.)

We sincerely hope you will participate in this endeavor. It Is Important! Your Sheriff (not state and federal government agents and bureaucrats) is the one sworn to protect you from government errors, misjudgments and abuses of power, including the matter of assuring due process with respect to property rights. Kindly share this message with your organization members/representatives, and with all on your mail and mailing lists. We (meaning you and I) need all the help we can get.

Our 35-minute video features "Sheriff" Richard Mack, lawman Jack McLamb, Sheriff Ken Jones of Eureka County Nevada, Rancher Wayne Hage, author of "Storm Over Rangeland" Helen Cheoweth-Hage, former Congresswoman, and a clip from the classic documentary "Freedom in America" featuring Ezra Taft Benson. It was produced and edited by American patriot, Dennis Grover – Host of the TV program "With Liberty and Justice For All."

Thank you so much and I hope to hear from you soon.

Jack McLamb

Thank You