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Prior to the birth of our nation Pamphleteers worked tirelessly to inform people of their rights and King Georges’s wrongs. They used the one on one pamphlet because that is all they had, and it worked. Today American pamphleteers are doing the same on Public Access television and the Internet, because that is all they have left, and again, it too is working.

It is a commonly held belief that those who have altered the course of American Freedom and health do it only for financial gain. At this point however, these “people” already have more wealth than they could possibly use for anything other than control. I believe that their system has been uniquely designed to insure that those who reject their domination be limited in their ability to acquire prosperity.

For 10 years the Public Access program “With Liberty and Justice For All” has been broadcasting the truth. It is one of the hundreds of today’s pamphleteers. Our pamphlets are 150+ videos and written articles with experts sharing their knowledge on virtually every aspect of undesirable and non-voluntary health, financial and personal control planned by those “people” believing that they have the right to control America.

The cast, crew and writers of “With Liberty and Justice For All” have volunteered their time in the past and will continue to do so in the future. However, each program carries with it the hard costs of duplication, guest travel and accommodations, mailing, website, and distribution. These costs are now crippling our efforts and we have reached an all time negative low in our personal resources. We cannot continue to volunteer what we do not have. In spite of this we refuse to validate “their” system by giving up.

For your assistance, we offer our assistance, in helping to protect and restore your rightful American Heritage. We do not offer you a tax deduction.


Get a few copies of these informational programs for yourself and share them with family and friends. Go to or write to the address below and a list will be mailed to you. Each copy you get helps send another to be re-broadcast.


Send a donation today, as large or small as you can. Every program put out there and/or produced gives us all the opportunity to inform another American who is unaware that he/she is unaware.


Pass this flyer or email along to your friends and encourage them to help.  

We’re financially Exhausted, Please help us continue!

Send cash, or blank M.O. and/or requests to:  


Dennis Grover

2790 Wrondel Way #41

Reno, Nevada, 89502


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