After 10 years of hosting “WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL,” 10 editions and updates of “KNOWLEDGE EQUALS FREEDOM,” countless speaking and radio appearances, being beaten around by government knuckle draggers and media whores, I have accumulated a large email list. From this list there are some that read my thoughts and some that don’t. I respect those that don’t and decline the position of inbox clutter. For these reasons I am starting yet another internet newsletter. The main reason is to share my information, opinions and writings with only those who want them.

You have the choice of KNOWFREE News or No free news.

KNOWFREE News is free with contents from free thinkers, common sense and Constitutional intent. (The truth media)

No free news you must pay for in some way to get content dictated by government and multi-national special interests and corporations. (Major/controlled media)

The choice is yours.

 KNOWFREE News will only contain special features, writings, people and events without editorials on major media propaganda. It will let you know where to get info on topics that interest you. You will receive it once a week. If there are many things to share the worst case scenario would be 3 times a week. With the corruption at every level of government providing a target rich environment, I will do my best to keep my editorials small.

 Video examples of the editors work can be found by typing in the search word: ”Knowfree” at or go directly to, or I suggest “Ron Paul Refounding Father” or “Your Honor?” or “The Sheriff

 Written articles can be found at I suggest “Veterans Day” or “Thanks-Giving

 To subscribe, send an email with “SUBSCRIBE” as the subject directly to

  In Truth and Freedom,

 Dennis Grover, American

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