Volume 1, Number 1 – February 9, 2008

Editor: Dennis Grover, American

Premier Edition

The content of this newsletter will not be article after article on the many subjects detrimental to personal Freedom, that most of us are already aware of and angry about. It will contain info and links about where to get the tools needed to share documented knowledge with those people who don’t know that they need to know. This country is not full of stupid people, but it is intentionally overburdened with ignorant people. We must work together, one on one if necessary, to be teachers and leaders. Don’t surrender to the notion that if the American people haven’t got it by now, they never will. There are now many more people finally questioning what is going on around them and affecting them. One caution however, when you are looking into someone’s eyes and are convinced that you are seeing the inside of the back of their head, don’t waste your time. 


 ELECTION 2008 – I am a Ron Paul supporter as he is the only one with an American message and a track record you can walk through rather than step in. His growing support comes from the inherent embodiment of personal Freedom that every human has. If you become discouraged by that numbing feeling of hopelessness from the No Free News bunch that ignores us and him and the electronic voting machines cheating us and him, “they” win. If you stand fast challenging their every stifling move We Win! Dr. Paul can only work for “We the People” when we decide to “Be the People.” It is of the highest insult to me watching our Creator granted unalienable rights being snuffed out. However, the final straw is the perceived “leading” Rep. &  Dem. candidates. We used to at least have the choice of the lesser of two evils, now they have even robbed us of lesser.  

 IRAQ WARAs a Vietnam Veteran I was qualified to write the article “VETERANS DAY” and if you read it you will you will know my feelings on war in general. Continuation of this atrocity is absurd. Remember “These Truths Are Self-Evident ?” Think about it, because the No Free media obviously doesn’t.

 P.A.T.R.I.O.T. ACTA while back we did a program called “ROAD APPLES & MEADOW MUFFINS” (because we were not allowed to say horseshit and bullshit on the air before 10 pm.) Among other things, the effects of this “act” were discussed. The real Patriot Act is what you are doing now to alert others, and of course reading this writing. You might also check out “ONE NATION UNDER SURVEILLANCE.”

 IMMIGRATION Once again, to you corporate script readers of the major media, I am not a racist for wanting immigrants to obey the law, and stop calling me radical fringe (whatever that is) for saying so. This country was founded and thrived for the first hundred years by legal immigrants. There is nothing wrong with anyone wanting to better themselves and their way of life by coming here and obeying our law, but I don’t owe them anything. Why is it that when I break the law, I am a criminal, but when they break the law, they’re guests? I only understand that my out of control affliction is Common Sense. For starters see a preview of “THE NORTH AMERICAN UNION,” get a master of the full video and make copies for everyone you know. $10.75. More in later editions.

 BADD & WERSE Meet Ron Paul10 years ago I wrote a story featuring two characters I affectionately named Gonn Badd and Lott Werse. They discussed their plan to covertly destroy America from within. This episode is followed by their 2nd generation family members George Badd and Dick Werse who had been hiding in the bushes for the past 20 years and now face the emergence of a candidate who would turn everything around on their original plan by exposing the intent of our Founding Fathers. It features yet another scenario of what our lives will be like if we don’t do something about it now. I’ll grant you that it is a long article, but the shortest history lesson and warning you will ever see. It was originally published this month in the Idaho Observer and is available in a tabloid reprint at a minimum cost to distribute to others. I guarantee that they will “get it.” READ IT PLEASE (slow loading pdf file if you have dial-up – be patient.) Get a bundle of 100 copies for your organization or neighborhood. 25 cents each, ppd

 I will conclude this introduction with the promise that GOOD and BETTER is coming to our country and also knowing what you are thinking right now, that this is all about me. Good observation; however for future volumes I am asking you to email me your short thoughts on other areas of concern and links for readers to get solid information. This newsletter is meant to be all about us. (Please do not send me any instructions on people or groups I should hate, because I hate no one.) My only heartfelt conviction is to convict heartless criminals.

 Dennis Grover, American

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PS: To Avert any possible feelings of guilt and bias on my part, I feel it necessary to devote the following page to the attributes of the present “frontrunners” presented to us by the D’s, R’s and the No Free News folks.



















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