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C.N.N. (Certainly Not News)

By: Dennis Grover, American

Wiped from the forefront of many (perhaps most) American minds are the awareness’ of history and the exercise/recognition of common sense.

American citizens live in a media and government generated state of fear. This is not News.

The dominant media is owned, manipulated, controlled, taught to lie and given the carefully crafted lies in the form of entertainment as a tool of mind control. This is not News.

The Federal Reserve System and its sidekick, the World Bank are private organizations renaming paper notes as money while backing them with, at best, nothing, and at worst, the fraudulently extracted promise of citizen corporations to pledge their laborious flesh and blood lives to back any whim of the banks. This is not News.

The Internal Revenue System has no basis in Constitutional law other than the right for persons to contract. (Another example of citizens being coerced into an adhesion contract without disclosure.) This is not News.

Under "law" a corporation and a flesh and blood human are both "persons" however a flesh and blood person will be jailed for murder, rape and theft while a corporation can add it to their balance sheet. This is not News.

The application of Joe Stalin’s self proclaimed wisdom that to promote Socialism, Fascism and Communism one must simply "call the enemy what you are," has become alarmingly evident. This is not News.

The Social Security number is aptly named, except it is not for the benefit of a flesh and blood human. It is a nifty accounting and control tool for the Security of Socialists. This is not News.

Vaccination is not immunization and its true basis of existence is profit driven by manufacturers with the desirable side benefit of putting foreign chemicals into the bodies of the recipients and raising their level of "stupid," if they manage to retain their lives. This is not News.

The processing and addition of preservatives and genetic modifications to our food, water and air is rampant. (For the controller’s side benefits see Vaccinations above.) This is not News.

The wars on Drugs, Terrorism, Poverty, Crime, Racism, Korea, Vietnam, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. all have the same victor, the corporate elite and their front man, government. The spoils are the liberties of the flesh and blood working people who survive these "wars" while being coerced into financing them. This is not News.

Major radio and TV network news and talk show hosts who used to report news and truth have been systematically replaced with highly compensated "Rhetoric Readers" controlled by the corporate elite and government. This is not News.

America was founded as a Republic, however the wannabe controllers have touted it as a Democracy to veil reality. When media and elected officials proclaim Democracy, it is an attempt to mislead Americans. When well-meaning Americans proclaim desire for Democracy their heart-felt intent is personal liberty and not the true definition of the word. This word and definition distortion is a tactic to get freedom loving Americans bickering amongst themselves while the array of pigs in control -- advance their evil restraints. Such a statement is an insult to real pigs, however it is true that liberal v. conservative, black v. white, Christian v. Jew and all other confrontations are manufactured for citizen dis-ease and attention diversion. This is not News.

The Constitutionally guaranteed system of Justice has been methodically replaced with a "Judicial System" staffed with black-robed dictators backed up with their personal soldiers carefully screened by a B.A.R association that obviously recruits by lifting rocks. This is not News.

Government bodies from federal to state to county to city all appear to somehow be in sync with the goal of ignoring people in favor of the money spreaders determined to undermine the Heritage of every American. This is not News.

Spirituality has been replaced with organized religions that dare not utter a single word about unalienable rights, the very basis of spirituality. In fact the real war is a "war on spirituality" This is not News.

The list of atrocities and common sense insults is endless and it’s true that it’s not news to knowledgeable and alert Americans. It’s also not news to the incoherent Americans with ZZZZ bubbles over their heads since they can’t (or won’t) see anyway.

In medieval England when the subjects wanted marriage and children they applied to the king for a license to "Fornicate Under Command of the King." (The origin of that word.) Perhaps when gas and beer reaches $10 a gallon, sporting events and movies cost $50 an hour and Congress passes a law titled "F.U.C.K," the people will have had enough taxation and suppression of their rights to stand up as a group and stop the insanity oozing from their "leaders." THIS WOULD BE NEWS!

(Disclaimer: Author does not claim that all attorneys are corrupt, only the majority. Author does not claim that all elected officials are bad, only the majority. Author does not claim that all news reporters are bad, only the majority. Author does not claim that all corporations are bad, only the majority Hmmm… Democracy does work!)

Copyright in Common Law 2006 AKM

Dennis is the host of "WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL," The Truth on Television" now in its ninth year of production.


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