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By: Dennis Grover, American

I penned an original article (One Hundred Million Americans) a week ago and received many complimentary responses.  However I also received some criticisms for being rude and crude in my choice of descriptive scenarios. Several even said it was disgusting.

In that article I likened the American people to being dinner for the bad apples of the 535, their handlers and many dominant media whores. I then requested that the members cited above quit ruining their dinner by shitting on it. I used the term road apples later in the article and for those of you who didn’t understand; that is a “rural correctness” term for horseshit just as meadow muffins is for bullshit.

Maybe I am rude, crude and disgusting in the minds of some, however through my eyes;

I find the removal from our midst of Aaron Russo, Wayne Hage, David Horton, Dick Carver and many others by fast acting cancers induced by polluted air, food, water, fear and meadow muffins originating from major corporations and government disgusting.

Watching Don Harkins suffer, almost cross over and leave us for the same reasons cited in the preceding paragraph is disgusting.

I find the many unconstitutional acts by congress in flowery packages of legislation justified with an abundance of half truths and lies, disgusting.

Using taxpayer money for bailouts of major corporations that caused the original financial problems is disgusting.

Having to go through metal detectors at court houses, federal buildings and schools is disgusting.

Government ownership of banks and auto companies is disgusting

Obama believing he is in charge of the American people while trying to break their backs is disgusting.

Doing an end run around Congress by appointing 30+ personal Czars to advise Obama from the equivalent capacity of cabinet level positions is disgusting.

Realizing that prostitutes in Nevada are at least honest about their services while the “elected” prostitutes in government are deceitful is disgusting.

Legislating in direct conflict with the Constitution to outlaw guns for personal protection is disgusting.

Finding 600+ “rulings, legal opinions and scraps of legislation on 2 simple sentences called the 2nd amendment is disgusting.

Wars falsely fought over socioeconomics, religious beliefs, and outright lies are disgusting.

 73,000 dead young soldiers and 1,045,000 injured in Iraq and Afghanistan as reported by the Veterans Administration is beyond disgusting.

Mandatory vaccinations are disgusting

A thousand plus percent rise in autism in our children since the implementation of vaccines is disgusting.

Legislating that judges and government employees are not accountable for their actions against the God given rights of humans is disgusting.

Attorneys and judges that spin and twist laws and even common sense are disgusting.

Legal abuse of parents by using children as pawns in “Family Court” is disgusting.

A streaked sky from aircraft spraying chemicals accompanied by government denial of the visibly obvious is disgusting.

Seeing the word “alternative” being redefined to mean any medical or media action that exposes or opposes government and corporate defined standards is disgusting.

Being labeled a terrorist, racist, nazi or un-American for asking legitimate questions of Congress or the executive branch is disgusting.

Feeling non specific fear when you see a cop driving down the street is disgusting.

Mass medication through water fluoridation is disgusting.

Taxpayer financed limousines, personal security, aircraft and plush lifestyle for insubordinate employees in government is disgusting

The USA P.A.T.R.I.O.T. act, its time line of creation and its present implementation is disgusting.

Watching the “leadership” of political parties squash good candidates and their supporters in favor of their own ambition to participate in corruption is disgusting.

Watching and documenting the Nevada Republican Party “leadership” work tirelessly to elect Barrack Obama is disgusting.

I could go on and on about disgusting local, state and federal corruption, however the steadfast message from one hundred million Americans on the 12th day of September 2009 clearly demonstrates that they, like me are disgusted and tired of being shit upon.

The bad apple philosophy of “more free meadow muffins is better” has forced the mushrooms into the light. An election is coming up and the worn out media spinsters and Diebold will not be able to save the jobs of the corrupt. Once they become unemployed, the few existing moral Judges and Lawyers along with the people are going to hold them accountable for their hideous crimes against nature.

When the truly disgusting vermin of government are reduced to their demonstrated stature somewhere below human dignity, please feel free to wash my mouth out with soap for being rude and crude if that will make you feel better.

Until then, please remember the prize winning definition of “Political Correctness” - "Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end."

I rest my case!

In Truth and Freedom,

Dennis Grover, American

Copyright in Common Law 2009 AKM

 Dennis is the host of "WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL,” The Truth on Television" now in its twelfth year of production.


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