Volume 1, Number 4 – March 18, 2008

Editor: Dennis Grover, American



 “Self-serving” Politicians, “expert” Scientists, “self-proclaimed” Controllers and the “news fabricators” of the Major Media (hereinafter called NIMRODS) all work together having social intercourse with each other in the dark. Their purpose is to keep the lights off as they prepare and execute unpleasant intercourse with the very people (hereinafter called HUMANS) who used to trust and support them. The NIMRODS of this dark and wretched society are pitiful in the universal scope of things, and their work to infuse fear in the masses is a clear message of their state of denial and at best elevates them one step up from piss-ant.

 From the NIMROD position of spiritual evaluation, their denial of human personal power and enlightenment can only be justified in their own tiny minds with another set of labels calling this phenomenon Hooey and Woo-Woo, and then adding definitions proclaiming non-provable, non-explainable manifestations and miracles as figments of crazy imaginations trying to sell something.  

 The growth of Quantum Physics and movies such as the “Secret,” “Down the Rabbit Hole,” You Can Heal Your Life” etc., is now awakening common sense in the minds of HUMANS and putting light on the repressive deeds of the NIMRODS. Their last frantic attempt to divide and conquer has only been more labels… New Age as opposed to Religion, God as opposed to the Universe, Prayer as opposed to Meditation and Science as opposed to Observation. These concepts with different names and distorted descriptions assigned and taught are the exact same thing and produce the exact same result.  These are empty attempts at discrediting the joy and happiness coming from the same source, the source that removes the HUMANS fear-based ignorance and declares NIMRODS losers.

 I couldn’t find Hooey or woo-woo in my Funk and Wagnall’s but judging from the NIMRODS’ use of these words I get the negative connotation of dreamed up non-realities. If this is the case then proper application would be for ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and FOX to present the Nightly Woo-Woo, the Evening Woo-Woo, the 5 pm, the 6 pm and the late night Hooey. The daily tabloids such as the USA Hooey and the Woo-Woo Gazette also should not be overlooked. Their dreamt up Hooey news brought to you live and direct from la-la land is generally so far removed from the HUMANS inherent desire for truth, reality and common sense that it would be laughable if were it not for the seriousness of the situation created in this country by partisan Hooey and congressional Woo-Woo.

 I can’t recall for sure, but it was one of the big names kept alive by the national woo-woo, either Karl Marx or Josef Stalin that said “the first rule of propaganda to insure communism, is to call the people what you are.” It is amazing to see a regime of that era renewed into American “leadership.”

 Last weekend I attended the Reno Psychic Fair and spent my time observing people who had just interacted with healing music, healing modalities, self value, positive thought and spiritual offerings. Further down the halls of this convention center were also a boat and RV show and a house and garden show. Those leaving the Psychic Fair moved with a calming energy that clearly showed a sense of contentment with who they are. The other group moved with a sense of confusion and an attitude of “this is nice and I want it, but I cannot afford it, do it or have it;” the very spiritual disruption intended by the NIMRODS. The “dream it, but don’t believe it” message creates off center and off balance people at best and at worst negativity, fear, discomfort and ultimately dis-ease. You see, the Hooey presses have minimized the pride of ownership, travel, positive experience and joy. They maximize the intrusion of financing schemes, insurance plans, licensing, zoning and a host of other regulations on happiness. Contrary to NIMROD teaching, the amount of joy and happiness in your life is not directly proportional to the amount of joy and happiness you earn by embracing their regulations.

 For years I have been criticized for adding to the NIMRODS negativity by reporting and exposing the multitude of schemes they put out there. I have done this for only one reason; since there is very little you can do to stop Hooey and the Woo-Woo, it would only seem prudent to understand what is being done to limit and control the joy in your life. If you don’t know what it looks like coming at you, you won’t know when to duck and cover, or in other words, if you continue to keep your head in the clouds, expect them to chop off whatever dangles below.

 The NEO-NIMRODS that have emerged now are hell-bent to deny your personal power and convince you that you never had it in the first place. Make no mistake, they know you have it, they understand it and they know their demise will come from you understanding it. Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, and all their other new uglies didn’t exist when HUMANS controlled their own power. The vaccine poking pharma-feeders don’t stand a chance against your personal power. When you understand your inherent gift, their corporate/government wealth extraction system will perish. It took me years to identify, learn and manage this truth for myself, but believe me, living in a world of peace and joy is worth your time. The only hard part is the un-learning and disentanglement of the NIMRODS teachings and controls and replacing it with the spiritual reality of the HUMANS.

 The Creator, God, the Universe, or whatever entity you prefer, gave me a fertile mind, a sense of humor and the ability to observe and identify NIMRODS. For this I give thanks and hope you can identify with my attempts at journalism. If the Creator, God, or the Universe did not have a sense of humor he/she would never have allowed the present Congress and bad Bushes to exist.

 Once again for a refresher see Personal Power on You Tube.

 In Truth and Freedom,

 Dennis Grover, American


  Nevadans For Equal Parenting – joined me on “With Liberty and Justice For All” on March 5, 2007 to discuss the Family Court system and I was amazed at what I learned. I have invited them back on April 2, 2008. Joining us by phone will be John Baskerville, author of “TAKEN INTO CUSTODY” and Karin Huffer, author of “LEGAL ABUSE SYNDROME.” After doing this program and putting clips of it on You Tube, I am astounded at the response and width, depth and seriousness of this problem in the court room. Surprise, Surprise it is all about the money!  

See clips of this presentation at

And/or get the complete video at and make copies for everyone you can.

 “KNOWLEDGE EQUALS FREEDOM, The True American Way Resource Guide” is nearing completion. A facelift at is taking place (let me know your thoughts) and I promise to deliver the biggest and best edition ever. Financing for initial printing and advertising is still needed with promises of an excellent return, judging from the response of organizations wanting to sell it and Americans wanting to purchase it. Contact me directly if you are interested in exploring financial possibilities. This will be the 11th edition and will offer resources and education to anyone wanting America to return to Freedom and Liberty status. Pre-ordering at the above website is underway at a reduced cost for anyone interested. This work is the culmination of the last 5 years of extreme change in America and what to do about it to protect yourself.

 Many requests have been made to have “BADD and WERSE Meet Ron Paul” available in larger than tabloid print. I have complied and made it available for you to print in either 12 or 14 point text at

Thanks for being another American,

Dennis Grover, American

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