Volume 1, Number 3 – March 6, 2008

Editor: Dennis Grover, American



 As attorney jokes fade away since they have become true, political jokes are now running a close second to extinction. The situation in America today cannot be dismissed as having any relationship to humor. The ever so serious truth is that America’s survival can only be equated to your survival. While blind, we remain their manipulated fodder, if we perish, they have nothing to feed on, if we turn on the light, varmints scamper for hiding places. Our only hope for survival is acknowledgement and acceptance of the truth. The 2 major political parties are pulling out all the stops to promote candidates who will continue the downward spiral of America while making it appear that the people are actively involved. Their high dollar lap-dog media is adamant about guarding and promoting their fictions and agenda.

 We are now reduced to a struggle between the Robots (“leaders” controlled by elitist liars) wanting control, Robutts buying into their lies, and Americans who know the truth and want to live responsibly in Peace and Freedom.

 The ranks of the Robutts, necessary to survival of the Robots, were shrinking fast which is why the Robots passed the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. act to make Common Sense, individual thought and Americans illegal. Resistance to this legislative “Act” by the Americans with their hand on the light switch is why we see such rampant truth exclusions by the media and “leaders.” Doing something honestly that feels good for money is illegal, but doing something that feels bad for money is legal.

 This is the situation we are faced with and I don’t know about you, but I prefer to smile and smell the roses instead of trying to ignore and endure the odor from a freshly presented meadow muffin.

 Ten years ago Da Vid, founder of the Light Party was on our show and proclaimed “Colonics for Congress” as a solution to this nations problems. At that time I laughed without realizing the significance of such a statement. Now I realize that since most members of Congress do suffer from such an internal build-up and believe that Americans live in the same unhealthy condition. They are wrong of course and obviously full of it, but we Americans are not. If you do not understand what I am saying, Linda Tierney allowed me to put a few clips on You Tube to explain colonics. “The Amazing Liver Cleanse”

 It is now imperative to your happy and healthy survival, and sanity, to choose your position in life; a Proud American or a go along to get along Robutt. Ron Paul needs Americans. Hillary, McCain, Obama and Huckleberry need an impressive array of ignorant nose-ring bearing Robots and Robutts. Your Choice!

 For the further promotion of honesty, I would suggest that someone out there make and offer T-shirts stating “ I know the truth, I’m an AMERICAN” or “Don’t bother me with the truth, I’m a ROBUTT” This would make it much easier and quicker for us to know who America’s friends are. The Robots parade daily on major media, so we already know who they are.

 In Truth and Freedom,

 Dennis Grover, American



This weekend, March 8th and 9th at the Reno-Sparks convention center is “The Reno Psychic Fair.”  Now before you slap your forehead and roll your eyes back believing that I have entered an area of fluff and woo-woo, realize that healing comes from music, happiness, personal thought, emotion, natural law and Creator granted power. Leave the door open to all avenues of Freedom. For Psychic Fair video and more information:   

 Nevadans For Equal Parenting – joined me on “With Liberty and Justice For All” on March 5, 2007 to discuss the Family Court system and I was amazed at what I learned. First of all to introduce courts and attorney’s into the already volatile situation of divorce renders any possibilities of the two parties mute and further separates those involved. The losers most times are the children, already confused and frustrated. Added to that comes the restrictive single parent custody struggle for the child, the child support issue and the so-called deadbeat dad program instituted nationally. Did you know that once the courts and district attorney’s get involved, the state is maneuvered into position to receive a 66% matching funds grant for every dollar of child support they collect? Follow the money has always provided explanations for government action and programs, but using the emotions and frustrations of people and especially children is less than acceptable at best.

See clips of this presentation at

And/or get the complete video at and make copies for everyone you can.

 GYPSIES, TRAMPS AND THIEVES – For more information on attorneys and courts this set of video clips will enlighten and infuriate you. The complete 2 hours of programming on this subject is also available for you to duplicate.


Thanks for being another American,

Dennis Grover, American

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