Dear Heidi Smith (Washoe County, Nevada GOP),

Because I am concerned about America’s present course and have an interest in helping direct it in the future, I attended your WCRCC (Washoe County Republican Central Committee) meeting on July 19, 2007.

I am a decorated Vietnam combat Veteran and was even requested by the most prestigious squadron, the USAF ADS (Aerial Demonstration Squadron) “Thunderbirds” to apply and serve on that team after returning alive from Nam. I did so, was accepted and served for two years touring the “Free World” doing air shows and demonstrations promoting Air Force enlistment and public support of the military.

My son was born deaf as a result of my exposure to Agent Orange at Bien Hoa and I suffered for years from that same exposure. I have dealt directly with a government that works slowly at great taxpayer and personal expense to shirk responsibility for any of its actions.  

I have had many of my articles published, authored the book “Knowledge Equals Freedom” and for the past 10 years have hosted a public access television program ironically called “With Liberty and Justice For All” originating in Reno, but I now hear of many episodes replaying across the country on public access stations and university campus stations because Americans want facts not self-serving political hype.  

I tell you this to qualify myself to speak now on paper as you told me and others that we would not be allowed to speak unless we were “approved.” I never intended to speak at your meeting, as I have been personally enlightened to the concept of discrediting the messenger to neutralize unpopular messages in public meetings. 

Our country was founded on an extraordinary set of principles whereby THE PEOPLE told the government how to behave and gave them an extremely simple set of laws to operate under (The Constitution) and a Supreme Court that was established to enforce (not interpret) those laws. This honorable system worked extremely well for the first 150 years of America’s existence and then things began to change as statesmen became politicians, political subdivisions became businesses and honorable became a term assigned after an election rather than being earned before an election. This original system and the intent of our founders has now been thoroughly trashed by both the RIC (Republicans in control) and the DIC (Democrats in control) both of which place their right hand on a bible and swear an oath to uphold those original intents and then do the opposite. In public they proclaim Constitutional government, but in private they use it for a birdcage liner.

I listened to your report on the 2007 legislature and how tough it was to stop the DIC from raising taxes when in fact it was the RIC (Governor Guinn) that sued the legislature to get the largest tax increase in Nevada history several years ago. I heard how important it was to get volunteers to walk precincts and spread the Republican candidates’ message, which appears to be a promise of more of the same mystical references to freedom in America.  

What I didn’t hear at the meeting was any intent to qualify candidates or acknowledgement of the original American intent. There was no hint that the party would promote candidates willing to serve the people. I didn’t hear any reference to RIC being accountable to the people but rather vice versa. The only RIC candidate willing to answer questions (Ron Paul) was never mentioned.

There is a new alignment of people forming extremely fast in this country that threatens the existence of partisan politics, as partisan politics becomes more and more of a business. The ground swell of people are called Americans and all they want of political servants is for them to be just that, political servants. These Americans want only for their government to protect their inherent rights, not rename, deny, dictate or trash them. All the labeling, imaging and finger pointing at the hands of media, government and political parties will never change this basic fact.

These Americans are finally fed up with dictates of their rights, lies, half-truths, medical control, propaganda, wars on everything, and wars for everything and --their hard earned wealth being squandered by a few unaccountable prestigious pigs. In short, the RIC and DIC are losing their apathetic meal ticket.

I do not live my life hyphenated, labeled, numbered, tracked, fluoridated, chlorinated, vaccinated, radiated or intimidated by the RIC or the DIC!   I am personally responsible for where I go, what I eat, what I drink, what I smoke, what I say or do and neither the RIC nor the DIC will ever be in charge. 

The mold created for US Citizens has decayed and is beginning to crack, but unlike the Liberty Bell, it will not continue to ring. I do not solicit a response from you as the WCRCC goals were clearly stated at the meeting as are mine in this letter. 

Sincerely, I am not the enemy, I am

Dennis Grover, American

The Nevada Freedom Alliance

(775) 284-1388

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