By: Dennis Grover, American

Years ago GONN BADD and LOTT WERSE, two friends without spiritual development and nothing to offer mankind, spent their time planning ways to control their fellow man. Their goal was to make him a slave that would happily work, reproduce and feed himself. They wanted to control his creativity, productivity, finances, relationships, travels, thoughts, health and liberties. Accomplishing such a thing required hours of discussion, carefully thought out slowly implemented plans, a great deal of creativity and the time to bring it all together. They knew that in order to fool everyone they had to first convince them that they had problems, and then provide solutions to the problems they created.

BADD and WERSE had a major hurdle however. They wanted control of the most productive and free country ever known: America, and they had to somehow get around a well thought out Constitution controlling America's government. The up side for these two was the fact that Americans are good and honest people believing that everyone else is the same. Granted, a fine quality but it left them vulnerable. Since the vast majority of Americans are too busy trying to survive, be happy, productive and "free" they probably won't believe that the following conversations ever took place. I'll leave it up to you: is this fact or fiction?


BADD: Well my friend we have a major task. Where should we start?

WERSE: As I see it we must get control of their property, wealth, food and health. To do this we must lower their education level and eliminate their ability to apply common sense or reality to what's going on around them.

BADD: Let's start with money; first we get control of the money away from government by creating an entity to take that burden off of Congress. We can convince them that by letting us manage this task privately, they can personally become rich and the sleeping American public won't know what happened. We can make our system an interest bearing, debt system, take control of the gold, and ultimately the country will go bankrupt trying to pay us back their own money. We can have the government print the money whenever we want, give it to us for the cost of ink and paper and then we'll loan it back to them with interest so they can run their country. I also have a plan to make Americans voluntarily guarantee the repayment of these loans, but we'll get to that later.

WERSE: Do you really think Congress and especially the American people are naive enough to fall for this?

BADD: Sure, they believed the Civil War we created was about slavery, not state’s rights; they'll believe this. Let's give our new brainchild a catchy name. How about The Federal Reserve System. The American folks will believe it is part of their government since it's "Federal", they'll rest comfortably knowing the country has a "Reserve" and they'll think the "System" is theirs for monetary control, not ours for people control.

WERSE: Sounds pretty far fetched to me, but go on. How can we get the American people to think they're responsible for this debt?

BADD: About the time the America declares bankruptcy, which I estimate to be in the 1930's, puts itself in our hands as receivers, we will create two taxes and sell them as necessities for management of their beloved America. First, believe it or not, a tax on their labors where everything they do to create, live, and better themselves will be taxed and, we can make it graduated so that the harder they work and the more they produce the higher the tax. We can get away with this by teaching them that "all men are created equal" means that all men end up with the same amount of money, regardless of how hard he works. Secondly, another tax disguised as a fund set up to support them in their old age. We can stick both of these taxes to them because they love their country and they'll believe that the tax on their labor will support their great and free nation, they'll also believe that a trust fund for their retirement years will benefit everyone. Let's name the first Income Tax and the second, Social Security. We can issue everyone a social-surveillance number to tie them to these two taxes.

WERSE: Income tax will probably work OK, all we have to do is get a few attorneys to write 6 or seven thousand pages of statutes so convoluted, contradictory and full of vague misrepresentations that the mere thought of comprehension will send people to our trained "experts" to help them comply.

BADD: Right and we can fool honest accountants into becoming "Certified" by us and instead of keeping records for their clients, they'll keep records about their clients for us. Now we have information to use against them and, listen carefully... their clients will pay them for it.

WERSE: You're a genius BADD, but I don't know about the name Social Security. It sounds more like having the knowledge that your fly is closed in public than a retirement benefit.

BADD: You're right but we can't call it "Old Age Pittance" because it would be too hard to sell. And besides with a respectable name, they won't pay much attention when we spend their "contributions" on whatever we want and make their children and grandchildren responsible for the poverty level return on their investment. As long as we give the illusion that we're helping them prepare for later years, they won't bother to do the arithmetic associated with investing 10% or 15% of their wages during their lifetime.

WERSE: Sounds good but since these people are sovereign citizens and their government has no power to lay such taxes, how can we fool them and make this happen?

BADD: We have to assign them numbers and papers that will create the illusion that they are sovereign and feel that they owe it to their country to support our system. Let's start at birth, we can issue them a certificate that proves they were born.

WERSE: Hold on, do you really believe that someone holding a brand new baby will believe they have to get a piece of paper to prove the event?

BADD: They’ve bought into everything else, let's give it a try. Now the beauty of this thing is that when a baby is born we have the opportunity to create a brand new corporate entity on paper. We do this by capitalizing all the letters on this document the same as the baby's name. When John is born we create a certificate for JOHN, and as long as we can deceive John into believing he is JOHN he will make himself responsible for all the statutes we can think of for JOHN. John will get a social surveillance number for JOHN. John will get a driver license for JOHN and a business license and any other thing we can dream up to get John's wealth. In fact John will even appear and plead for JOHN to our newly created victimless crime statutes enforced in our Admiralty courts and we can put John in jail if JOHN gets out of line. All we have to do is make sure that John converts his entire God given rights to JOHN'S government given privileges and pays our fees.

WERSE: It will take quite a while for John to wake up to JOHN which gives us plenty of time to get control of the major media and convince people that what we tell them is truth. And even though there will be a few John's that wake up and try to expose their JOHN'S we can simply make up some new bad words to label him with. Besides if John tries to tell the truth about JOHN it will be so unbelievable that people will think he's nuts anyway. Regardless, let's pick a few good words and have our media turn them bad. I would suggest, patriot, sovereign citizen, anti-government, extremist, supremist, separatist, right wing conservative, racist, militia and let's be sure we fully destroy John by passing a few laws that would make him a terrorist, because after all if he were to reveal JOHN to the masses we would be exposed to terror.

BADD: That media control thing is great. We can use it not only to cover up the truth but to sell new lies as we think them up. By putting out timely doses of our garbage we can make most Americans believe we're their friends working only to protect their best interests. As time goes on I believe we will be able to get away even with murder in all forms, we can shoot innocent families, bomb buildings, crash airplanes into buildings, maybe even burn a church if they don't agree with us, or to give them an injection of fear and then use the media, religion or even skin color to blame it on the victims and John who found out he wasn't JOHN.

WERSE: This is all fine but we have to create many more ways to subdue the consciousness, empty the pockets, and maintain control of these Americans while at the same time making them believe they are free.

BADD: We'll alter one thing at a time, by identifying what is now prosperous to Americans and turn them to our favor. Here's a simple one, seeds. A farmer now saves part of his harvest for seeds to start next year’s crop. Suppose we alter the seeds so that they won't reproduce themselves. We could call them hybrid seeds and farmers would then have to buy new seeds every year from a corporation that we will form and bingo we have a new industry plus whenever we feel like it we could shut off the seed supply and food production. Another little bonus would be that the food produced from these hybrid seeds won't be as nutritious and people will experience more illness making our medical corporations more profitable. 

WERSE: Speaking of farmers, they're making a profit right now growing hemp and inexpensively producing paper, cloth and fuel oil from just this one crop. Suppose we use our media to associate hemp with its sister plant marijuana, declare marijuana a horrible, addictive, society-corrupting drug, outlaw it, and hemp farming too. This will open an opportunity to create new industries our way, make America dependent on petroleum products, give us a control of energy, and create synthetic fabrics at a higher cost. Later on we can introduce more addictive drugs to America, creating a new problem, and then offer the solution of a war on these drugs fought by new agencies we will create. Over time Americans will forget that hemp grows like a weed and offers an endless non-polluting supply of inexpensive products.

BADD: Lets work on medicine and doctors. We know that the body will heal itself if properly nourished, so let’s teach Americans to eat lots of junk to clog their arteries and eliminate essential elements the body needs to maintain itself. As we progress we can introduce all kinds of toxins treatments, we'll lace it with chlorine from our chemical companies. We can put all kinds of stuff in their food and call them preservatives. After they drink our water and eat our food for a few years they'll be sufficiently full of our poison to cause all kinds of diseases that the body can't cope with, then we turn them over to doctors that have been taught in our controlled medical schools to treat the symptoms with our over priced pharmaceutical drugs rather than treating the disease itself with inexpensive alternatives allowing the body to heal. For instance, after some guy clogs his arteries with fat and has a heart attack, we will immediately sell him a by-pass surgery replacing several inches of arteries around his heart which we can rip from his own leg, fill him full of prescription drugs for the rest of his life (if any) and make him and his family responsible for payment of at least $100,000. We will only get in trouble if this guy thinks and asks questions; such as are there any alternatives? If a doctor does discover the truth we'll label him a quack and severely punish him financially, mentally and even physically. After all if any of this gets out we would lose our gigantic money making "research" foundations, societies and our hospitals and pharmaceutical companies would suffer. We can use many diseases in this manner to keep the healthy people donating while the ill suffer and pay for treatments while waiting for a cure that will never come. This will work for cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, diabetes and any other horrors out there that could have easily been prevented in the first place. We can even go a little further and manufacture some new diseases to replace these when people catch on. We have one called AIDS on the drawing board now, wait till you see it, this one is really hideous and I envision profits from it that will knock your socks off.

WERSE: Do you really believe that you can fool people this way? And besides, it will take years to develop these illusions of compassion and treatment. Isn't there something we can do on a short term basis and also how can we effectively test the new chemical diseases and treatments we develop?

BADD: Americans can be easily fooled because of their kindness and trusting nature. One short term idea would be to introduce a yearly flu and give it a new name each time. These people will merely prepare for a season with the new flu rather than questioning where the hell do they come from every year? Now we can sell flu shots for a nifty profit and have the opportunity to inject anything we want into their bodies. As far as testing the new stuff, I'm sure we can get Congress to pass legislation making it legal to use American population centers as our laboratories, and we can also create small wars and inject into or spray upon American soldiers whatever we want and evaluate the results. All the government has to do is deny it through our controlled media.

WERSE: Wow this is getting pretty involved and I see us losing control unless we can instill a constant fear in these people to keep them in line. First let's make them responsible for knowing all the laws and then have all government entities from the federal to local level constantly make new laws on anything and everything. The result will be a mind boggling array of laws, ordinances, statutes and resolutions that they can't possibly understand let alone comply with. With these in place we can always find some sort of violation for those who get out of line and lock them up. I guarantee they will try to comply since they live with the fear that they can easily be put in jail. Another thing we can do is keep a large supply of mind altering illegal drugs on the street for several reasons, first of all we make big bucks from the sales and it will create more crime by those addicted making people fearful and we can use this "problem" to pass even more laws against their liberties. I have a vision of us being able to search their homes without warrants and take their personal property without charging them with a crime. Also let's set up systems where their own neighbors can report on them and get paid for it regardless of whether a crime exists or not. All of this should keep them nervous and on their toes. The stress generated from all this attempted compliance on their part will also benefit our medical industry. They must never realize that knowledge equals freedom.

BADD: Another element necessary to what you just said is to change the role of America's police. Right now they're peace officers and respected by the public, and as long as they are peace officers America will be peaceful so let's change them into law enforcement officers and make their jobs such that the public will fear them. Coupled with the volumes of laws that we create this respected profession will quickly change to that of a revenue producer and we can keep them busy enforcing whatever we hand down. We must nurture this friction between the public and the police in order to keep them fearful of each other. We will also create police agencies at all levels of federal state and local governments and overwhelm the public with the knowledge that damn near anyone with a government job will put them in jail and/or take their property. Now we're getting somewhere. They not only fear criminals we also have them fearing their government, our tax man, their police, and their neighbors.

WERSE: What can we do about language so that people aren’t so precise and powerful in their speech?

BADD: That one is easy.  They are using language of the Bible and Constitution now; thought-based in “Can Not, Must Not, Will Not and Thou Shall Not.”  We slowly implement the language of socialism based in; Could Be, Would Be, Should be, giving their language a mushy basis of indecision.

WERSE: You know that we also have to take the control of their children away from them in order to insure each new generation is little more ignorant than the one before. We can form a federal education bureaucracy and then offer each state money to comply with our programs. If we structure it right we can extract huge amounts of money from the people in the states with an impressive array of programs and taxes, then give them back a small portion of their own money for their education systems, they will not only comply with our directives, they will also thank us for fleecing them. We are now in a position to dictate curriculum and behavior. For now lets call our new program ghouls 2000, we can always give it a more subtle name later. We must eliminate any reference to the intent of America's founding fathers, we can alter most events and call it revisionist history, never teach the Constitution and make it acceptable for the teachers to dwell on trivialities but never utter the words unalienable rights. We must teach the students that it is fine to not be able to read as long as they tried to and continue to exhibit prescribed group participation skills. They must never be given a clue about the existence of individuality or self generated thoughts. We should also keep a government file on the child's "progress" but never allow the parents to see it. This task will be easier for us as time goes on and both parents have to work in order to survive after paying all of our taxes and fees. Most will be too tired and without the time to realize what we are doing to their kids. We should also give the children the right to sue their parents and teachers so that discipline will not be an option at home or in school. We must pass laws against parents educating their own children or we could lose this battle.

BADD: While we are at it we better find a way to control what is taught in churches. If Pastors, Reverends, Preachers and the like relate teachings in the Bible to our structured political control and money system, the people might wake up realize what is happening to them. I would suggest that religion become disciplined and organized in a way acceptable to us. We can offer them a tax exempt status in return for their adherence to our teaching guidelines whereby congregations will be taught that the Bible is merely an entertaining story book. Any church that doesn't cooperate will be labeled as a cult by our controlled media and we will have our law enforcement officers work overtime to publicly reprimand and punish those who get out of line.

WERSE: Lets be sure we take charge of John's responsibilities and relieve him of his pride and dignity. We can start by creating many different welfare and handout programs, make it appealing and easy for him to become dependent on us, and make him believe that we are doing him a favor as he relinquishes everything he has before realizing that it's almost impossible to escape our hold. It will help maintain his servitude to us since he knows we will always be there to "help." We can rely on the emotional side of Americans to help share the upkeep for John whether or not he is capable of taking care of himself.

BADD: Here's another way to spread someone's personal responsibility around to the masses, we can create another gold laying goose, we'll call it the Insurance Industry. It's rather simple, we get a group of good odds-makers, give them a license in exchange for a cut of the take and then let them exchange John's responsibilities for a fee based upon how well John has previously managed his responsibilities. In some cases we will even require John to sell his responsibilities to the insurance company regardless of cost or we will strip John of a personal right which we have already fooled him into converting into a JOHN privilege.

WERSE: Here's another thought on this insurance thing. If every one has some sort of insurance for whatever they do; first of all they'll tend to act irresponsibly since the insurance company will always be there to pay and secondly we can take all of those lawyers who are unwilling to do anything constructive and make them "Personal Injury Attorneys." This will create a system where everyone who can pay an insurance premium will be worth suing for any reason that someone can dream up, and by constantly inflating attorney's fees to at least 50 times more than they are worth, it will be cheaper for everyone to settle.

BADD: I think we've done it again, another way to make every JOHN share the cost by having their premiums go up a few unnoticeable pennies every time a Personal Injury Attorney attends "lawyer day" at an insurance company claims office. Also, I think we better share this money cow with those who will go along with it in the medical profession because we'll need their help. We also should have our attorney's advertise in a compassionate and concerned manner being careful to avoid truthful phrases such as "ambulance chasing dunderhead for rent."

WERSE: I think we're getting ahead of ourselves, if we hope to pull this off we'll need some morally deficient people in public offices. My thought would be to only allow JOHN to register to vote and let John cast his ballot after being exposed to a barrage of our "national polls" telling him who we think is best and making him believe that he's voting for the right person along with the majority. We must also control the tally by not allowing any votes to be counted at precinct level, and while we're at it let's get rid of those tell-tale paper ballots. I don't think John will realize anything is wrong even though he'll have a hard time finding anyone who participated in our polls or voted for our winner. Besides that, all those who do wake up and the Johns who found out they aren't JOHNS won't vote anyway. We can put in who we want, when we want, where we want, and then everyone will think that their neighbors did it. Just for a real test of this scam, in the 1990's let's find the most morally defunct dirt-bag candidate we can and see if he becomes President.

BADD: Next big problem, guns! These Americans are armed and because of that America is very peaceful. We must change this, but very carefully because if too many Johns realize they have been duped they'll be a little bit upset. King George found out the hard way what happens when you irritate a bunch of armed Freedom Lovers. Let's start by keeping our law enforcement officers busy collecting revenue from victimless crimes by JOHN while at the same time sensationalizing violent crimes with guns where innocent people are hurt, particularly children. We'll keep poking at John's emotions by telling him that his children are in jeopardy of being killed by a gun. We can distort and even make up all kinds of statistics to reinforce our position. We'll also popularize the notion that what their Second Amendment says, isn't what it means.

WERSE: Stop; you're way off on this one, we all know that guns don't kill people, people kill people, so I can't imagine anyone falling for this one. Do you expect to confiscate knives and rocks too? All the scholars I've checked with agree that "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed" is in fact a complete sentence and since it wasn't written by a bunch of attorneys, it only has one meaning.

BADD: Knock off the logic crap! By the time we show up for their guns, they'll be so busy just trying to survive and so full of our media's anti-crime, anti-terrorist, anti-gun dribble that most of them will give up their weapons. Those who don’t will get rounded up and put in detention centers that we'll have ready by then anyway. When the time comes we'll have brain-washed our police and military into doing the dirty work and we can always supplement them with foreign troops.

WERSE: This concerns me. After we pick up all the guns, these people are going to realize that they're defenseless and become very angry at us.

BADD: What's your point, Werse?

WERSE: Yeah, you're right, Duh! Let's move on. A thought just hit me, since we will control the money and virtually every aspect of these peoples lives; how are we going to protect our own wealth, and the wealth we give to the elected players we choose for government offices.

BADD: Simple; after we have most of the gold and silver we'll convince them that precious metals aren't really precious and a bad hedge against our inflation. We'll gradually make land and property ownership harder and costlier via inflation and we'll convert land titles from allodial where they actually own the land to custodial and have the local Sheriff be their landlord. We'll draw more attorneys from the glut we created and give them work with title companies and sell, (are you ready for this one?) Title Insurance. Isn't it great? We charge them for paperwork equal in weight to their homes, charge them interest which gives them nothing, and if he doesn't pay a tax on his property for the rest of his life, we'll take it away. Since John feels insecure with gold and silver and property is a big hassle, he's going to believe that accumulation of a lot of our paper notes is wealth. In the mean time we can create different types of trusts and foreign corporations, etc., put them out of the reach of our tax collectors, admiralty courts, and law enforcement personnel. And even though we use them, we'll convince John that they're not safe or legal for him.

WERSE: Great, now here's something way beyond belief. What if we could alter weather patterns? Think about it! First we create another agency, sell the idea to John that this agency will be there to help in the event of disaster. Then cause massive floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, etc. When a disaster knocks one of his body parts in the dirt, he'll pledge whatever assets he has left for our low interest loans. We'll do this with a smile, but never a kiss.

BADD: We had better concentrate on ways to keep these Americans from waking up while all of our plans are being put into action because if they do they'll join together.

WERSE: We'll simply keep them stirred up and at odds with each other by constantly bringing up argumentative situations and events that they can't possibly agree on and some they won't even understand. For instance let's tell them that a hole exists in the atmosphere and the Earth is going to heat up or the air will leak out or some other scary thing, and then let them know to relax because we found the cause; It'll always be some successful companies products and of course many peoples livelihood that must to be flushed to heal the hole, then be replaced with some new something or other that will make us a zillion more bucks. We can call some animals endangered or even make up a new one, no one knows squat about owls so let's create one with spots and portray it as homeless. We can toss around abortion, animal rights, gay rights, gun control, employee rights, women's rights, welfare rights, religious rights, criminal rights, drugs, the list is endless that will drive a wedge between various groups. The bottom line is that with all the other stuff we've created the family unit will be weak, morality at an all time low and spiritual growth will be replaced with organized religion - hence their intelligence level will be so foggy that they will waste their efforts fighting with each other instead of evaluating their position and noticing our evils.

BADD: While we're at it lets start separating the races in America by creating situations that will ignite hate, then we turn around and condemn those who do hate and make them appear to be the majority of each race. We can easily make it appear to be a bad thing to be proud of race and culture even though we know that's one of the things that made America strong. This can be a real hotbed of manufactured antagonism that will work daily to serve our purposes.

WERSE: O.K. we've touched on many things and there's still more to go but we haven't decided how to handle a couple of major items that made America the great country it is. America has an abundance of natural resources, a free enterprise system beyond reproach, and a manufacturing and trade industry that is phenomenal.

BADD: This too will be easy but it'll take some time. When all our regulations, laws, statutes and taxes are in place the small businessman will be squashed, then we keep coming up with scary environmental issues to slow down whatever survivors there are, for example, I'll bet our newly created spotted birdie will bring the timber industry to it's knees. And finally with our selected Congress and President we'll make radical trade agreements with countries that have an abundance of slave labor to produce that which American workers are so proud of today. They won't know what hit them until it's all gone and millions of proud people are looking for work. We simply rob them; create a chaos and frustration that they'll vent towards each other.

WERSE: One final imperative action is to create the illusion that two different political parties exist to make Americans believe that they have a choice in governing “their” country. Naming them Socialist Party “A” and Socialist Party “B” would be too obvious, so let’s call them Democrats and Republicans and write each a platform that appears different. The people won’t notice that both parties are in non-compliance of their own writings since they will be too busy proudly portraying themselves as elephants at cocktail parties or jackasses on bicycles and in Chevys.

WERSE: American Spirit and Freedom be Damned.

For over 100 years now the BADD and WERSE plan has been slowly chipping away at the successful American experiment in Freedom. Two generations of these evil doers now has burdened Texas with a family of poisonous Bushes, Nevada finds itself infected with an offensive and worthless hairy weed, California wants the ugly and bad smelling Puloski out of it’s deli, while Illinois finds itself strapped with a Kenyan who has no history.  Many other states find themselves facing huge piles of garbage and wondering where the hell it came from. A national sport along with a proud breed of dogs receives a monumental insult when one pile of garbage is named Boxer. To the rescue comes the Council on Foreign Relations with the blessings of the Bilderberg’s and the Federal Reserve system; grooms all the garbage and puts it into their already bulging membership dumpsters and then with the aid of their crooked voting machines and controlled media, cleans the garbage as best they can and sends it to Washington D.C. as politicians.

With Americans starting to slowly wake up and scratch their heads in wonder and disbelief, the dominant media in lock-step with the ballotless voting machine (s)elects GEORGE BADD BUSH to be president of the corporate US.

BADD BUSH continues to thumb his nose at a productive American citizenship and economy with the original BADD &WERSE plan. Agreements, treaties, increased taxes and unconstitutional legislative hogwash manages to start a mass exodus of American industry to third world slave labor countries. He finds his personal oil interests threatened and creates a war to protect it. The frustrated and confused American citizen now needs an enemy to direct its revenge on and the panting lap-dog media comes forth by backing BADD BUSH as having located the enemy. His popularity rises sharply in the polls but only lasts a short time because the people are suddenly ignited by an attack of common sense and recognize the multitude of discrepancies in the media sales pitch.

Americans are now sitting up and rubbing their eyes hoping that what is obviously going on around them is imagined and just a bad dream.

In the next (s)election, along comes WILLIAM WERSE CLINTON and his side kick HILLARY BADD, courtesy of, you guessed it, the lap-dog media and Diebold.

WILLY WERSE mostly amused himself with Whitehouse aids but continued wars on drugs, poverty, and any other thing they believed would make the American people believe they were actually doing good deeds for. In the mean time HILLARY BADD pursues the creation of a National Health Care Plan to save Americans from rising health costs. Fortunately the same Americans that the “government” professed to be helping recognized this as a continuance of the disease management plan implemented by major pharmaceutical interests and the plan for “training” doctors instigated by the original BADD and WERSE plan. The plan was shouted down by waking citizens. The WILLY WERSE, HILLY BADD performance turned out to be blessing of sorts as their antics to accelerate the BADD and WERSE plan alerted many more sleeping Americans and a resounding “What The Bleep” attitude rocked Washington D.C,

Americans are a bit unsteady on their feet now and begin communications with each other after the last two “leaders” and bury themselves into history and spirituality books. Real ones, not the government controlled education and propaganda ones.

The next (s)election after a series of vote recounts and questionable legal determinations, straight from the loins of BADD BUSH, we get GEORGE HERBERT WERSE BUSH. Failing to convince the American people that his intelligence is higher than a box of rocks, the amount of people wanting to know what is going on in their country increases dramatically along with their communication through the internet which is the only means they have left since the major media is completely sold out to the wannabe controllers. A catastrophe of major proportion becomes necessary to subdue the restless population. Leaving his president of vice in charge, WERSE BUSH journeys to Florida to attend the 1st grade. Two airliners slam into the World Trade Center buildings which then defy all laws of construction and common sense to fall to the ground in record speed. At the same time defying all flight characteristics and ability another airliner bumps into the Pentagon, turns itself and its cargo into toothpicks and disappears into a hole half its size. In the mean time, back in New York, Trade Center building seven obviously feeling remorse tumbles to the ground. 3,000+ innocent Americans are murdered in one fell swoop.

Miracle workers at the FBI identify the perpetrators, and compile recent history, of the people responsible for all this chaos within 24 hours. A past business partner of the BADD and WERSE BUSHES and previous operative in the CIA who now resides in some cave with a magic cell phone in Afghanistan gets the blame.

Congress with a long time history of taking months and years to create their crap presents WERSE BUSH with the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act that no one seems to have read in a mere 30 days. WERSE BUSH signs it and magically creates the department of Homeland Security, conveniently modeled after Adolph’s department of Fatherland Security.

A war on terror is begun and the saga continues with many new definitions of terrorist. For brevity it briefly singles out anyone with the ability to think, reason and question the obvious defects in “events” and/or in government.

WERSE BUSH now proclaims glory in his P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act One and proceeds on with the creation of P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act Two and follows the BADD and WERSE agenda in step with his daddy, Willy, and Hilly. The Federal Reserve System begins crashing the American economy with his blessings and bailout becomes a household word, only now it applies to white collar vermin rather than airplanes and boats. WERSE BUSH finishes his term doing bad deeds to America and saying stupid things in public. BADD and WERSE pull the little handle and place him in the swirling waters, precisely where human waste belongs.

It is 2008 now and the BADD and WERSE groomers have their garbage all prepared when out of nowhere a Statesman appears named Ron Paul uttering scenarios of right and wrong, Constitutional Republic, Freedom, personal responsibility, Love, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights etc. The lap dog media is whipped into frenzy with instructions to crucify him for his forbidden references to American pride and traditions. The media fails miserably and the American people rally big time in the presence of Ron Paul’s fresh clean air. The only media successes were reports that this American rally was small and they all participated in air-time depravation of Dr. Paul. Realizing what happened, the media, many politicians, the CFR, the Federal Reserve, top corporate CEO’s and the Bilderberg members had to quickly run home to change their soiled underwear. Upon their return to work with a fresh change of clothes the evil factions unleashed every form of devious action imaginable to prevent nomination of such a Statesman. Even today these evil doers think they won, however they are too mentally deficient to realize that Ron Paul is more than just a great man, he left a renewed American Spirit and determination in the hearts of Americans. These qualities continue to grow.

The CFR quickly pulls an anointed one from their dumpster and through various means of manipulation makes him the WERSE BUSH replacement. A man with no American paperwork or history is thrust upon what is left of America. This man cannot even document his real name but chooses Barrack (the audible portion of puking) Hussein (a known enemy of humanity) Obama. Now awake, the American people realize his political lineage and hang the moniker of BADD BAMA on him. Feeling comfort in their dark world the dirtbag handlers believed that since BADD BAMA is half black, any objection to his orchestrated antics can be labeled racist. Once again the wannabe controllers failed because all races creeds and colors started despising him within months. Even government coordinated polls couldn’t shore up this pile of meadow muffins (politically correct reference to bullshit.) BADD BAMA creates a petting zoo of unconstitutional czars and between these two evil factions and their puppeteers sends all traces of American heritage and tradition into a socialist state. Once proud Americans are now without jobs, their homes are being foreclosed on, another manipulative “health plan” is being rammed down their throats and they owe 12.7 trillion dollars to a faceless someone. The devil is here and ugly not only because of bad deeds but because the American people are fully aware that he wears no clothes.

Americans are at a crossroads now and if they allow the foregoing destruction plan to continue the following will be a very real scenario.   

Two or three generations after BADD and Werse went to hell, we enter one of America's fenced off human resource areas and find two people secretly talking. Resource Unit No. 57, a female worker unit and Resource Unit No. 92, a male entertainment unit.

UNIT 57: I know this isn't supposed to happen, but I've grown to trust you 92 and I have some distressing information that I must discuss. I know it's against the law to talk about these things and especially bad to display any morals but I want you to promise to keep a secret until we can decide what to do.

UNIT 92: You're acting very strange, but O.K. I'll keep your secret. What have you done that is so awful?

UNIT 57: This is really difficult to admit but I've learned to read.

UNIT 92: Oh No! How did it happen and does anyone else know?

UNIT 57: You're the only one who knows and it all started when one of those dreadful patriot units from the twentieth century managed to sneak in and deliver several boxes of information from someone he said was my grandfather, whatever that is, and suggested that I start looking this stuff over. There were some weird old books from a time when school was for everyone and they have taught me to read and realize what these people had before they screwed it up and what they could have done to keep it for us. By the way, did you know that an entertainment unit used to be a piece of furniture?

UNIT 92: Very funny 57, I think you've gone off the deep end. Look at what we have now. Our leader, Master 666 gives us a space to live in, food, medical treatments and all the TV we want. All we have to do is perform our assigned jobs.

UNIT 57: Well 92, it just became obvious to me that you are a piece of furniture. Back in the 1900's the people could read, they didn't. They had free speech, they kept quiet. They had unalienable rights, they gave them up. They could choose partners, they didn't cherish. They could have their own children, they didn't teach. They could travel freely, they traded for control. They could learn from a ministry, they joined a controlled church. They had thousands of people warning them with the truth, they ignored them. They could vote; they didn't. They could be healthy, they went to Burger Wizard. They had a Constitution, they trashed it. They had wealth, they didn't protect it. They could change things; they waited for the other guy. They had guns, they laid them down. They had TV, they watched it.

UNIT 92: ZZzzzzzzzz!

UNIT 57: Nothing's changed!

Or the second option is for Americans to stand up, communicate, learn and work together to destroy the BADD and WERSE syndrome, the endless list of memberships in evil societies/organizations and all the worthless puppets in congress.

Use paper ballots to elect Statesmen who serve the people, to steer America.

Destroy the manipulative debt based money system that brought America to its knees.

Stop Supporting people-eating corporations that hang on one government nipple or another.

Rebuild Family farms and ranches.

Revive the American thought process and pride and use them for growth.

Rediscover natural healing, medicine and healthy food.

Replace the Legal System with a Justice System, replace attorneys with lawyers, require crime to have a human victim, and then keep this new concept busy by prosecuting all participants of the BADD and WERSE plan for treason.

Smash all voting machines that operate without a paper ballot and make paper ballot counting mandatory at precinct level with 3 people at a minimum personally responsible for the tally. Continue to monitor and insure the end of Electile Dysfunction.

Restore hope and faith in your God, fellow man and each other.

Remain eternally vigilant.


 Copyright 2010 AKM

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